This is a list of the type of artwork I have currently onhand. There is always the possibility that I will add more options to the list, depending on demand and client.

The current list includes:
-Framed Tin Portraits (From 300.00)
-Concrete Tin Portraits (From 100.00)...
-Concrete Tin Hearts (From 30.00)
-Tin Cards: Various Animals & Decorations (From 20.00)
-Larger Tin Portraits (From 1,000 to 10,000)
-Customized Items (Price TBD w/ Consultation)

“Repujado” means “to give depth to,” and as an artist, Miguel Borbolla brings the beauty of his art to life by crafting special figures out of various metals such as tin, copper and aluminum.  Rather than carving external shapes from a desired medium and then creating castings from heavy molds, the repujado is individually crafted by hammering, pounding or pressing desired motifs through a process which pushes the work out from the reverse side of the metals used.

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